Welcome to UCHCVirtualDoc!

UCHCVitualDoc is a telehealth application designed specifically for you!  

All patients of Union Community Health Center (UCHC) can now access safe and secure online visits with their UCHC healthcare providers and enjoy other convenient features all from a mobile or desktop device!

Download UCHCVirtualDoc today and:

  • Access appointments from wherever you are! Schedule and have a video visit with your UCHC medical provider, therapist or specialist.
  • Review summaries of your previous appointments, including issues addressed during each visit, your vital signs, lab tests or referrals that were ordered.
  • View your medications, including dosage information and instructions, and request a refill.
  • Message your providers. Send a message, including photos, regarding your health or physical concerns.
  • View new lab results, as well as trends over time. For example, view results for your past cholesterol tests on a graph to see if you’re close to meeting your target number
  • Access your family members’ medical records. For example, you can view your child’s growth charts, immunization history, and upcoming appointments.
  • Digitally Check-In! If you are coming-in for a visit, digital check-in allows you to complete necessary paperwork before your appointment, saving you time when you arrive!

Want to get started?

1) Sign-up at any UCHC registration area or call 718.220.2020.

2) Download from

3) Enjoy access to UCHC quality health care from wherever you are!

Stay Connected, Stay Healthy!